13 July, 2015

Our company

Who we are?

Comercializadora Keter is a 100% mexican manufacturuing company, it was founded in 2006 by their actual owners with over 24 years of comulative experience in the apparel bussiness.

Our company has presence in the national and international market since its foundation. Our company is located in Teziutlán, Puebla, México. Since the creation of our company we have been devoted to the porpouse of transcending and always keep our selves at the vanguard, bussiness, socialy and technologically speaking.

We relay on technolgical advanced infrastructure and constant supervison by our qualified team wich allows us the propper handeling of our machinery and products in order to assure an on time delivery with an strict qualiy control of all finish goods. Besides our internal audits, we also get constantelly audited and evaluated by our clients, and by national and international governmental and private agencies.


To become a leader manufacturing company in the sewing industry, by constantelly striving to find the ability to offer better prices, better quality, on time deliveries, and the necesary volume of production with the only porpouse of maintaining our growth and leadership in the bussiness so we can keep satisfying the needs of our clients.


To develop the necesary principles to succesfully apply a total quality policy during the whole production procceses, so we can reach and maintain our advantage in our bussiness sector by offering a superior product, with the best value, optimum service, the better price and on time delivery, always.